Whenever the economy is slow, you'll hear a lot of people who criticize getting a college degree as being a huge waste of time and money. But do you know who you almost never hear that from? Someone with a college degree! Now I can understand why higher education might seem like a waste, considering that it's 4+ years of your life, and the majority of people don't actually work in the same field as their degree. But what if there's more to it? I say there is! Let's look at a couple of ways a degree can make a difference in your life.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to demean anyone without a degree. Not at all! It's just an honest discussion of a few of the advantages college can provide for motivated individuals! My perspective comes from having a college degree, but working in an unrelated field in which everything was self-taught. This article has been more than a month in the making because I realize that, regardless of intent, it could come across as an insult to my many friends without degrees.

1. Discipline

Do you know why employers like to hire someone with a degree, even when it's unrelated to their business? Because a degree says that you stuck with something for 4 years without seeing any results, and finished what you started! It says that you know how to work under pressure to meet deadlines on a regular basis. It also says that you know how to work on a wide variety of projects simultaneously, and keep them organized.

2. Critical Thinking

You know the easiest way to tell if someone has an education? Watch how fast they believe information without considering the source or checking multiple sources! Learning how to discern between information you want to agree with, and reliable information is a huge advantage in business, and in life in general!

3. Broad Horizons

Listen to an uneducated person, and you'll notice right off the bat that, as a rule, they don't know how to deal with differing opinions or beliefs. Their experiences are the only standard for how things ought to be for everyone! I believe close-minded might be a good way to describe it. Want to find someone who's willing to argue at the drop of a hat about a different opinion? Your chances are better among non-college graduates!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Why is that? In college you are bombarded with a slew of different ideas, and new facts that challenge your own ideas and opinions. The diversity of experiences, opinions, and teaching on a college campus fosters an awareness of different viewpoints. Many times you'll find your own pet ideas on the chopping block. That's a good thing!

4. Connections

Even a minimal involvement on campus will net you hundreds of connections with future leaders and business owners.  Even famous college dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Page made connections in college that helped them immensely on their path to success.

5. Personal Development

If college was just about learning a particular subject, there are much better alternatives! However, one of the most important parts of college is the fact that it teaches you the things that seem unrelated or unneeded in your field. Having a firm grasp on things like Math, English, Literature, History, and Communication  are a huge advantage, regardless of whether you go into sales or engineering. Look at the people who are successful in fields that don't require higher education. The odds of them having a degree are much greater!

Can you learn the same things at the "School of Hard Knocks"? Absolutely!  But you can expect to struggle through that "school" for about 10-20 years to learn as much as you could in the crucible known as college. You don't save 4 years of your life and thousands of dollars, you just take the long route, which can cost far more than a couple thousand dollars a year! Me? I'm happy to have gained 4 years of intense development so that I can build my dreams with a great foundation!

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