"I can't write!"

That's the response I always seem to get from my clients when I ask them about content for their websites. Everyone seems to think that you need to be a professional writer in order to write good content. I say that's the farthest thing from the truth! I have a feeling an English teacher would have a stroke if they were to read my articles, and yet those same articles are effective in communicating their point!

Here are a few tips to help you create great content:

1. Spelling is so important!

Fortunately, spelling is the easiest problem to correct. With great resources like Google, and nearly ubiquitous spell-check features online, you should have no problem keeping your words accurate! Perhaps spelling is so important because it is such an easy fix. You're telling your readers that you didn't put very much effort into your content(and therefore it's not important) when you leave it full of errors. (Here's hoping there are no spelling errors in this article!)

2. Good Grammar vs Perfect Grammar.

As I said earlier, an English teacher would probably have a tough time with my writings. However, I don't care! There are aspects of grammar that are important, and then a slew of rules that are only for the pedantic! My view is this: Good grammar helps us communicate effectively, perfect grammar wastes our time. Sounding like you have a 3rd grade education doesn't help you communicate, especially if you want the respect of your readers, but worrying about non-rules like ending with a preposition are just a waste of time. (My favorite grammar joke is about ending with prepositions!).

Sometimes the line between good grammar, and proper grammar can be blurred, but if you're in doubt, ask someone to proofread your writing, and they'll catch anything that sounds odd.

Here's a great video on the beauty of words. I love watching it! A great reminder that while communicating is defined by good grammar, grammar should never become the point!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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