Pictures capture moments of our lives. I want people to see me smiling, because I love life, not glaring because I feel self-conscious about how I dorky I might look in the picture.

I've always tended to shy away from the camera, as many people do. But lately I've been realizing that the thing that I disliked most about some of the pictures that I was in, is that I looked like I didn't want to be in the picture! In other words I looked miserable in the picture, because I was too self-conscious to relax, and smile for the camera!

So is that what I want? Do I want to look back in 20 years and see myself looking miserable at every stage of life, simply because I was to self-absorbed in the pictures to show that I really am enjoying life? Nope!

Here's my advice: Smile! Nobody looks at your imperfections in a picture unless you're not smiling. If you're not, then they look to see why, and assume it's because of your weight, lack of dress style, big nose, lack of personality, etc. But if you smile, that's all that people see! They see a happy person who loves life! Don't think it's true? Go look at pictures of the nicest looking people you know. Examine them and you'll see imperfections that you never noticed before. Why? If they look happy, they look good!

We are social creatures by nature, and we respond more to people's character more than we do to looks. Hollywood and unscrupulous marketers are the only ones trying to convince you that the perfect body and style makes any difference in life.

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