Here's a quick thought for today.

I see so many people who are trying to get their team/staff/volunteers excited about the big vision for their organization. I see it in business, churches and organizations alike. Now it's not hard to get people excited! Throw a conference, bring a speaker in that vibrates energy, and everyone leaves with a "let's take over the world!" attitude. And that's great, we all need to be re-energized from time to time!

But here's where I see a lot of potential leaders fail. It's not enough to get people excited! Excitement never lasts. It's the flash in the pan that yields quick, short-lived gains. You need to build passion!

What's the difference between excitement and passion? I thought you'd never ask :) Passion is when you pursue something irregardless of your emotions. It's when I know something is important so deeply in my core that I'll keep working towards it even when I don't feel like doing it!

So few people achieve their dreams because they get excited about things, and then burn out. We all do that! But the things we succeed in are the things that we are so passionate about that nothing is a big enough obstacle to stop us.

So how do you build passion? Let's look at two requirements for building passion in your followers:

1. You must be passionate!

It's not about the energy that you bring to the table, it's about the endurance."Click to Tweet

In other words, you have to lead by example! Don't expect long-term success to come when you're not 100% convinced in your heart and mind that what you're doing is important! It's not about the energy that you bring to the table, it's about the endurance. That builds real leaders who accomplish real goals. People don't follow those who are only excited, because anyone can get excited for awhile!

2. You must appeal to more than emotions

Stop trying to get your team excited and help them focus on two questions. First, "what's the end goal?", and second, "what steps are you taking to get there?". These questions keep us going back to our core beliefs and goals where we get the energy to keep going when the results are slow in coming(as they always are in the beginning!).

What do you think? What is the role of emotions/excitement in building a successful team?

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