Here's a quick thought for today. I see so many people who are trying to get their team/staff/volunteers excited about the big vision for their organization. I see it in business, churches and organizations alike. Now it's not hard to get people excited! Throw a conference, bring a speaker in that vibrates energy, and everyone... Read More

Wow, I just got done reading Steve Ballmer's memo and strategy paper on how he's reorganizing Microsoft. As much as I hate to pick on a fellow bald guy, Ballmer's shown once again, he just doesn't get it! First I'll rant about the papers, then I've got a few takeaway thoughts for small businesses. -... Read More

I like to people watch! I'm always just a little curious about what makes people tick. One of the many things that I've noticed is a key difference between successful people, and 'mediocre' people. It's not exactly a groundbreaking discovery, but it is very instructive to those of us who are looking to become, or... Read More

From time to time, I’m approached by people who suggest that I contact someone with a particularly horrible site, and offer my web design services. So, as a public service, I’ve come up with a resource to help you confront your friends, and family, about their eye-peeling sites. Whatever your personality, you’ll find one tailored... Read More

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